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Stopping Garage Mold Growth Before It Starts

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

garage door Environments that are dark, humid, and with little ventilation, provide the best conditions for mold to grow and thrive.

While there are many causes of mold growth in your garage, spotting mold is never a good sign. In your garage, mold can harm your tools and any other items you may have stored, in addition to ruining the integrity of the garage structure. The best way to prevent mold growth in your garage is to take measures to stop it before it starts.

Environments that are dark, humid, and with little ventilation, provide the best conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Because the garage falls into this category, mold growth is extremely common, especially on organic materials such as drywall. By acting in your home to reduce moisture, you can stop garage mold before it starts.

Here are some tips to waterproof your garage and prevent mold growth:

Check garage for leaks and remove standing water

Before taking steps to waterproof your garage, be sure to check for any leaks in areas like he roofs, floor, gutters, and pipes. If there are any leaks or abnormalities, be sure to take care of them immediately.  Additionally, do not let any standing water sit in your garage. If there is any water as a result of rain, snow, or even washing your car, be sure to remove it immediately.

Have proper drainage

It is crucial for your garage to have proper draining to prevent any buildup of water that will attract mold. Making sure water has a clear path on to the drive way is an essential step of preventing mold growth. 

Seal and insulate garage door

To ensure your garage stays dry, it is important to properly seal and insulate your garage door. This includes removing any old weather stripped that may be tattered or damaged and checking the bottom of the garage door insulation for any signs of shrinkage and wear.

Install waterproof walls

Another way to prevent mold growth before it starts is to install waterproof walls in your garage. These details, such as using a mold-resistant drywall, can juristically reduce your chances of mold growth. Additionally, you can use waterproof and mold resistant paint on walls and concrete, to prevent water from penetrating into the walls which will decreased the chance of mold growth.

Decrease humidity

Due to the fact that most garages attract a lot of moisture, most garages have very high humidity levels. To prevent mold from growing in your garage, it is important to control and decrease these humidity levels. A dehumidifier is a great tool to reduce moisture levels, in addition too proper ventilation using vents and fans and letting the sun in daily.

Minimize garage clutter

While the garage is a great place for home storage, but too many items can increase your chances of mold. You want to keep your garage as airy as possible. When using your garage for storage, it is important to choose plastic storage containers which are the best from controlling mold in the garage.

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