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Customer Service at the Center of Every Job

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

hands in for teamwork We look at each job as a fresh opportunity to impress our customer.

SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County has been serving Palm Beach County and beyond for several decades. In this time we have had the opportunity to get to know so many individuals and business owners, truly bonding with our incredible community. One of the most common questions that other local businesses and SERVPRO franchises ask us is “how have you remained so successful for so many years?” We love this question because it gives us the opportunity to talk about customer service.

Great customer service at SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County is not just something we say, it is something that we put into action on every call, site visit, and job. From the manner in which we answer the phone at our office to the way we great customers at their homes or businesses, every staff member understands the importance of a positive attitude and friendly body language. We make connections with our customers, going the extra mile to get to know them and what it important to them. In doing so, we are able to serve them best.

Our technicians are not only trained in using damage restoration and repair equipment, they are trained in maintaining the level of service that we promise our community. When our phone rings it is often in a time of crisis. From a flooding incident to a broke pipe, we know that how we treat the person on the other end of the phone matters. As soon as you contact SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County you are met with a friendly voice and a calming presence. Since no job is too big or too small for us, we treat each and every customer with the same compassion, diligence, and care.

We look at each job as a fresh opportunity to impress our customer. Whether the issue is water damage, fire damage, storm damage, or mold removal we know what it takes to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and with a unique level of care. At SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County, we take pride in our reputation as the damage restoration company in Palm Beach County. Call our office today to learn more.

Keeping Your Pets Safe in a Fire

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Teenage girl sitting on a sofa indoors, playing with a pet dog. Hoping for the best and planning for the worst is an important mindset to have when it comes to home fire preparedness.

A home fire is something that most homeowners think will never happen to them. But when the unthinkable happens it is critical to have a plan in place. While many families have an escape plan in place in case of a fire emergency, few think about what will happen with their pets in the event of a fire. Protecting your pet in an emergency is something that everyone wants to do in theory, but with a plan things can go disastrously wrong. According to the American Kennel Club, approximately 40,000 pets die in home fires each year. This means that planning for pet safety in a fire is extremely important.

Hoping for the best and planning for the worst is an important mindset to have when it comes to home fire preparedness. First and foremost, all adults must ensure that the human loved ones in their family are out safely. Never sacrifice the safety of a human in an attempt to save a pet. However, the goal is to be able to get the entire family out safely, including furry family members. The following are some important tips to keep in mind for pet fire safety:

  1. Keep a collar on your pet at all times for easier evacuation
  2. When leaving the home, keep your pets in a room or area that could be easily accessed by a firefighter
  3. Young pets should be kept away from possible fire hazards like candles or electrical wires
  4. Ensure that all fire alarms are working
  5. Keep a list of the number of pets inside the home on your front door

It is important to note that pets can start fires. Be sure that stove knobs are covered and that your pets are never near an open flame unattended. A home fire is terrifying and acting quickly is paramount. As such, having a fire safety plan in place that includes your pets is your best protection against a tragedy. As always, be sure to reach out to SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County for all of your fire damage repair and fire damage restoration needs.

Water Damage in Your Laundry Room

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

overflowing washing machine Water damage in the laundry room is a problem that can quickly become a disaster.

Any room in the home that has appliances in it is a potential water damage issue. From the kitchen to the garage, there are a number of potential water hotspots that can wreak havoc on a home if they malfunction or overflow. Most people think of dishwashers or hot water heaters causing water damage in a home, but there is another major appliance that carries a big risk of water damage. The washing machine holds enormous quantities of water and therefore poses a threat to the laundry room.

When water damage occurs in the laundry room it is typically costly, this is because the amount of water held in a washing machine can quickly damage the small room. A lot of water combined with a small surface area creates a recipe for disaster. Generally speaking, laundry room water damage is caused by one of the following two scenarios:

  1. A broken water supply, which can cause a sizable amount of water damage in one swift occurrence
  2. Slow drip that steadily occurs over time and gradually causes water damage

Laundry room damage is expensive and stressful for a homeowner. As such, it is prudent to take every measure possible to avoid it from happening. The following are some important pieces of advice for trying to reduce the likelihood of water damage in your laundry room:

  • If your washing machine did not come with a water tray install one
  • Make a note to clean your washing machine filter on a regular basis
  • Consider buying an automatic water shutoff valve
  • Unload the washing machine as soon as the load finishes
  • Each month the washing machine line should be checked
  • Turn off your water when you are not using the machine

Water damage in the laundry room is a problem that can quickly become a disaster. Following the above pieces of advice will prove to be crucial in preventing such damage from occurring. At SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County, we are laundry room water damage experts. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle water damage issues both big and small. Call our office today to learn more.

Reducing Delta Variant in Your Office

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

disinfecting office Keeping your employees and customers safe is paramount during these trying times.

As a business owner in South Florida, seeing where we are in the midst of the pandemic can be disheartening. Just a couple short months ago COVID-19 numbers were dropping significantly and everything seemed to be moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse over the last several weeks. As the Delta Variant of COVID-19 spreads throughout the state, the country, and the world, businesses must make important decisions moving forward. Keeping your employees and customers safe is paramount during these trying times.

Protecting your staff and patrons during the Delta surge means taking calculated measures to remain healthy and safe. Since the numbers had been improving, many people have become a bit more relaxed about safety measures that they were strict about a few months ago. As such, it is important to reiterate to your staff and patrons just what you expect in your place of business. Being clear and detailed is critical to making sure that everyone is on the same page and taking these safety precautions seriously.

The following are some great reminders for reducing the Delta Variant of COVID-19 in your office:

  • Wear a mask at all times while indoors
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible
  • Turn your air conditioning unit to a cooler setting
  • Open windows to maintain extra ventilation
  • Disinfect any and all high touch areas – this means things like handrails, light switches, door knobs, etc.
  • Disinfect any and all high touch surfaces such as telephones, computer keyboards, desks, and break room areas
  • Stress that if any employee is feeling sick they are to remain home and get a COVID-19 test
  • Make sure that each night the office is properly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

While it is extremely frustrating to feel like we are backtracking as a nation, we must face this head-on as a community. At SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County we have served countless individuals and businesses in their efforts to clean, disinfect, and sanitize their homes and offices. Our specialized cleaning services have proven to do wonders in fighting against COVID-19, as we utilize special equipment to sanitize and disinfect. Call our office today to learn more about protecting your office against the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

Hurricane Season Has Yet To Reach Its Peak

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

hurricane season peak The following are some of the most important things that Florida homeowners can do right now to prepare for the peak of hurricane season.

Many Floridians are looking at the calendar and feeling a sense of relief. With about one-third of hurricane season come and gone without any major storms, it is easy to get wrapped into a false sense of security. Starting on June 1st and running through November 30th, the first couple of months of hurricane season often make residents of South Florida feel safe. Unfortunately, about 90 percent of hurricanes typically hit Florida between the months of August and October every year.

Statistically speaking, September 10th marks the peak of hurricane season. And while the National Hurricane Center is not currently monitoring any systems, we should still remain vigilant despite the quiet tropics. From tropical storms to hurricanes, the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season is poised to be active. Experts are predicting at least 20 named storms to hit and that means that all Florida residents must be prepared.

The following are some of the most important things that Florida homeowners can do right now to prepare for the peak of hurricane season:

  • Stock up on supplies now – water, non-perishable items, flashlights, first aid kits, etc.
  • Keep your gutters clear
  • Have a hurricane evacuation plan in place
  • Make sure that your cars are always filled with gas
  • Check your insurance policy
  • Get your roof inspected
  • Ensure that your generator is working properly

While Florida has been lucky thus far, hurricane season is far from over. As we prepare to enter the peak of hurricane season, it is important to take each and every storm seriously. Becoming complacent is common for Floridians who have lived through countless storms. However, it is critical that all homeowners heed the warnings of the National Hurricane Center.

At SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County we have over 30 years of experience in water damage restoration and storm damage repair. We take pride in helping out South Florida community pick up the pieces after every storm. Call our office today to learn more.

Stopping Garage Mold Growth Before It Starts

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

garage door Environments that are dark, humid, and with little ventilation, provide the best conditions for mold to grow and thrive.

While there are many causes of mold growth in your garage, spotting mold is never a good sign. In your garage, mold can harm your tools and any other items you may have stored, in addition to ruining the integrity of the garage structure. The best way to prevent mold growth in your garage is to take measures to stop it before it starts.

Environments that are dark, humid, and with little ventilation, provide the best conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Because the garage falls into this category, mold growth is extremely common, especially on organic materials such as drywall. By acting in your home to reduce moisture, you can stop garage mold before it starts.

Here are some tips to waterproof your garage and prevent mold growth:

Check garage for leaks and remove standing water

Before taking steps to waterproof your garage, be sure to check for any leaks in areas like he roofs, floor, gutters, and pipes. If there are any leaks or abnormalities, be sure to take care of them immediately.  Additionally, do not let any standing water sit in your garage. If there is any water as a result of rain, snow, or even washing your car, be sure to remove it immediately.

Have proper drainage

It is crucial for your garage to have proper draining to prevent any buildup of water that will attract mold. Making sure water has a clear path on to the drive way is an essential step of preventing mold growth. 

Seal and insulate garage door

To ensure your garage stays dry, it is important to properly seal and insulate your garage door. This includes removing any old weather stripped that may be tattered or damaged and checking the bottom of the garage door insulation for any signs of shrinkage and wear.

Install waterproof walls

Another way to prevent mold growth before it starts is to install waterproof walls in your garage. These details, such as using a mold-resistant drywall, can juristically reduce your chances of mold growth. Additionally, you can use waterproof and mold resistant paint on walls and concrete, to prevent water from penetrating into the walls which will decreased the chance of mold growth.

Decrease humidity

Due to the fact that most garages attract a lot of moisture, most garages have very high humidity levels. To prevent mold from growing in your garage, it is important to control and decrease these humidity levels. A dehumidifier is a great tool to reduce moisture levels, in addition too proper ventilation using vents and fans and letting the sun in daily.

Minimize garage clutter

While the garage is a great place for home storage, but too many items can increase your chances of mold. You want to keep your garage as airy as possible. When using your garage for storage, it is important to choose plastic storage containers which are the best from controlling mold in the garage.

Keeping Children Safe in a Home Fire

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

home fire as family watches from outside While no one likes to think about the worst case scenario of a home fire, doing so it imperative to protecting your little ones.

One of the leading causes of death for kids under the age of 15 are burns and fires. Home fires are extremely scary and dangerous, so prevention is essential to keeping children safe. The mindset that it will “never happen to me” is the foundation of home fire danger, as it leads to minimal or no planning and preparation. While it is most important for parents to have a fire safety plan in place, it is also extremely important for children to be prepared as well. Fire safety efforts can truly be the difference between life and death in the event of a home fire.

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) recently reported a 4 percent increase in home fires over the last decade. A tiny flame can escalate into a life-threatening fire in only two minutes and with home fires on the rise, homeowners must be vigilant in prevention and preparation. The following recommendations are vital to keeping your children safe in a home fire:

  • Regularly speak with your children about fire hazards and home fire safety
  • Teach your children about firefighters by taking them to the local fire department – this will ensure that they are not afraid of a firefighter in the event of a fire
  • Make sure all lighters and matches are out of reach
  • Institute a fire escape plan and practice every 6 months
  • Make sure that all smoke alarms in the home are properly functioning
  • Practice the STOP-DROP-and-ROLL method
  • Keep children away from things like candles and stoves
  • Teach children how to dial 9-1-1 in case a parent is unavailable to do so
  • Reiterate the importance of evacuation and staying out of the home

While no one likes to think about the worst case scenario of a home fire, doing so it imperative to protecting your little ones. Far too many families who have suffered in a home fire could have prevented injuries with a little practice and preparation.

At SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County, we have over 34 years of experience in fire damage repair and restoration. If you or a loved one have suffered damage in a home fire, contact our fire damage experts today for immediate help.

Methods of Contents Restoration After Water Damage

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

water damage restoration The process of water restoration ensures that your home returns to a livable and pre-damaged condition.

After water damage, some of the items in your home may never be the same. Luckily, there are many types of contents restoration that can be completed after water damage to remove excess liquid and recover some of your items. The process of water restoration ensures that your home returns to a livable and pre-damaged condition.

What is Contents Restoration?

Contents restoration is used to restore your salvageable items after water damage. Some of these technologies are so advanced that they can save items like textiles, clothes, hard goods, photos, and electronics that was previously not possible. While not every item can be saved, in the hands of a professional you have a large chance of your items returning to the condition they were in before.

Types of Contents Restoration

Unfortunately, there is more to the content restoration process than just letting your items dry. There are several methods of cleaning to restore your household items. Depending on the type of material and the level of water damage, the content restoration methods differ. Some of the most common strategies include:

Dry Cleaning

After inspecting the area, dry cleaning is often used as a precursor to wet cleaning. Additionally, it is used to clean light residues. 

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is using a liquid solution to remove moderate to heavy residues from the surfaces.

Spray and Wipe

For items that can’t handle wet cleaning, the spray and wipe method is used to disinfect surfaces.

Foam Cleaning

Commonly used for upholstery fabrics that be ruined from a wet method of cleaning, foam cleaning can prevent the shrinking or bleeding of these items. The foam can help extract the orders and contaminates out of any porous surfaces.

Abrasive Cleaning

Abrasive cleaning involves physically abrading the surface, which involving scraping or wearing away the exterior through the process of friction or erosion.  When needed, certain materials, such as sand, are used to agitate the surface being cleaned and remove dirt accumulation, stains, and other hard to treat problems.

Immersion Cleaning

For deep sanitation, the contents are dipped into a bath of the cleaning product until they are usable once again.

After extreme water damage in your home, it is best to let professionals clean and restore your property to ensure the highest quality of sanitation and care.

The team at SERVPRO always works by the motto “restore versus replace” to help save money and preserve as many of your items and personal keepsakes as possible!

How Should I Prepare My Business for Hurricane Season?

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

hurricane storm Just like with your home, hurricanes can significantly hurt the property of your building.

Preparation for hurricane season in South Florida can be very over whelming, especially with making sure your home and family are safe. While your personal life takes priority, it is important make sure your business is prepared to take on the hurricane as well. Preparing for hurricanes before they happen, especially when it comes to your business, can save you hours of stress and worry when the storm comes.

With the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting an above average hurricane season for 2021, and many businesses still recovering and adapting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that businesses take hurricane preparation into account. Because hurricane are predictable events, businesses can take necessary steps to ensure they will make it out of the storm unscathed.

Create a Plan and Practice It

Conduct an Audit

The first step to creating a hurricane plan for your business is to conduct a preparedness assessment to see exactly what assets need to be protected, even ones that are not as obvious. For example, a storm may not directly impact your business, but it could hurt suppliers that your business may rely on. By having a strong understanding of your resources, you can adequately communicate with suppliers who may be affected by a storm.

Monitor Threats and Know Your Reponses

Compared to other natural disasters, hurricanes are extremely predictable which can serve as a huge advantage in terms of preparedness. Know how each part of your business will be affected by the storm and what your team will do to deal with each hurdle. Some of the most common responses include closing your office space, turning on backup generators, or providing employees with a suggested evacuation route.

Form an Emergency Team

It is very helpful to have a planning team of key individuals that can serve as the point people in an emergency. It is also important to ensure the wellbeing of all of your employees and make sure there are clear channels of communication.

Keep Your Resources Safe

Protect Your Facilities

Just like with your home, hurricanes can significantly hurt the property of your building.  Make sure your windows and doors are boarded up and ensuring you have a backup power plan to keep critical security assets working. It is also a good idea to move important documents, and technology away from windows.

Backup Data

In the technology age, it is crucial to make sure all your data is secure and backups are stored in a safe and dependable place. For example, external hard drives are a great place to store online data and you can ensure they are kept in a safe place.

Operate remotely

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses successfully adapted to remote work. With many of these strategies already in place, the same remote work space can be utilized during a storm. If power and Wi-Fi are still available, your team should be able to function. Make sure any work from home channels are still available in case of a storm.

Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy and Safe During Hurricane Season

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

wet lawn It is crucial to prepare your lawn in order to keep it healthy during South Florida hurricane season.

With high power winds, intense rains, and an extreme potential for flooding, hurricanes can easily ruin your lawn and surrounding property. While you may not be able to prevent a hurricane from hitting your area, there are certain things you can do to ensure your property survives with the smallest amount of damage possible. It is crucial to prepare your lawn in order to keep it healthy during South Florida hurricane season.

1. Keep Trees Pruned

The process of pruning, getting rid of dead or unwanted branches from tress, is a key part of preparing your lawn for Florida’s hurricane season. With hurricane winds exceeding 74 mph, it is important to prune your branches before the storm in order to prevent them from flying through the air and potentially into your home. Dead or decaying branches can become hazards if the hurricane winds tear them off of the trees. However, it is important to keep the healthy branches intact to provide stability to the tree and keep it from toppling over.

2. Remove Any Items from the Yard

To prevent items flying around your yard and causing any damage, all yard décor and small potted plants should be brought inside the house in preparation for a hurricane. If items, such as large plants, are too big to move, lay them sideways and try to secure them to the ground. Any lawn decorations, toys, wind chimes, or anything else that could easily get picked up by the wind, should all be moved inside.

3. Turn Sprinklers Off

Due to the fact that it can be extremely detrimental to over water plants, you should make sure your sprinklers are turned off your lawn does not receive any extra water during or after the hurricane. The heavy rainfall that comes with hurricanes can potentially lead to diseases that weaken the roots of your plant. With this, the heavy winds from the hurricane could uproot the plants on your lawn. Even though most sprinkler system will automatically turn off during rainfall, it is important to manually turn them off before a storm until your lawn is no longer oversaturated.

4. Inspect Your Drainage System

It is crucial to make sure your drainage system is working properly in order to keep your lawn healthy. As mentioned above, over-watering your lawn can be very harmful, so its vital to make sure it is draining correctly. Any standing water after the storm can also damage your lawn. You should check for any debris that could block the drain and make sure water has a clear path to follow in order to prevent further erosion.